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Can Dogs Eat Pistachios ?

Pistachios are very delicious nuts and many people love them. Many dog owners are constantly asking can dogs eat pistachios.

Nuts, in general should not be part of your dog’s diet. You need to keep these away from your dog. Many nuts are toxic to dogs. The pistachios have a very high level of fat, which makes them unfit for your dog. This means that your dog should not and cannot eat pistachios.

Pistachios usually lead to development of stomach upsets that are severe and therefore should not be in the dog’s diet at all. You need to make sure that your dog cannot get the nuts for themselves.

As much as you are not giving them these nuts, this does not mean they cannot get them. Keep these nuts in places that are high where your dog cannot reach. Leaving them on the table or the edges of counters makes it easy for dogs to knock them off.

Now that you know that nuts and in particular, pistachios are not good for your dog, make sure you keep them away from these. Having answered your question of can dogs eat pistachios, when going shopping, avoid taking pistachios as a snack for your dog as they will cause many stomach problems.

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