Find what human food can dogs eat and it's not harmful for them.

Can Dogs Eat Onions ?

Dogs are wonderful pets that need to be taken care of in the most appropriate ways. This means that you have to feed them the right diet and make sure they are comfortable in the environment they are. If you own a dog, there are many concerns that you have.

One of the most common concerns is on the foods they should eat and those they should not eat. One of the questions that some people are asking is can dogs eat onions? The answer is a direct no. Dogs cannot eat onions. Onions are very toxic to dogs and you should keep them away from your dog.

Onions contain the chemical that called thiosulphate, which is toxic. This chemical could lead to your dog developing a condition known as hemolytic anemia, which causes the red blood cells to burst if your dog consumes onions. This means that the circulation of oxygen and other important functions that the red blood cells take care of fail.

Your dog will start showing symptoms of you give them onions. These symptoms can be diarrhea, vomiting and fatigue, which require medical attention from a veterinarian. So, can dogs eat onions? No, they cannot. Whether cooked or raw, onions are bad for your dog.

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