Find what human food can dogs eat and it's not harmful for them.

Can Dogs Eat Lemongrass ?

As a medical herb, the lemon grass is gently diuretic and a tonic. The herb also promotes the digestion of body fats, and in the Ayurvedic medication, a preparation of this lemon grass comprising the white pepper has been applied towards the relief of the menstrual dilemma and nausea. The herb is what stimulates the perspiration and cools the body in and lowering fevers in summer any time. The Lemon grass is known as a mild pest repellent (citronella) and the necessary oil is that is used in perfumery. If a cat or dog is feeling unwell, they can eat grass because this will strength them as they throw up. However, if it happens for a long time, then the dog can have a stomach distress.

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