Find what human food can dogs eat and it's not harmful for them.

Can Dogs Eat Garlic ?

When taking care of dogs, you need to make sure you do so with a lot of care. There is need for you as a dog owner to be aware of the types of foods that your dog can take and those that they cannot take.

Many owners tend to believe that what is good for human consumption is also fit for consumption by their dogs. There are certain foods that are dangerous and cause harm to dogs. Owners are now aware of this and are constantly asking questions on these foods. One of these questions is such as that of can dogs eat garlic.

For human beings, garlic is quite healthy and even has medicinal value. For dogs, this is not the case. So, No, dogs cannot eat garlic. There are however, people who believe that dogs can eat garlic but in very small portions. The best thing to do as a dog owner is to keep your dog away from garlic.

Garlic has toxic chemicals that interfere with the dog’s red blood cells, rendering them useless. This leads to anemia and eventually death of your dog. Why risk giving your dog garlic when you know it has serious effects on its health? Avoid giving garlic to your dog, whether uncooked or cooked.

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