Can Dogs Eat Pistachios ?

Pistachios are very delicious nuts and many people love them. Many dog owners are constantly asking can dogs eat pistachios.

Nuts, in general should not be part of your dog’s diet. You need to keep these away from your dog. Many nuts are toxic to dogs. The pistachios have a very high level of fat, which makes them unfit for your dog. This means that your dog should not and cannot eat pistachios.

Pistachios usually lead to development of stomach upsets that are severe and therefore should not be in the dog’s diet at all. You need to make sure that your dog cannot get the nuts for themselves.

As much as you are not giving them these nuts, this does not mean they cannot get them. Keep these nuts in places that are high where your dog cannot reach. Leaving them on the table or the edges of counters makes it easy for dogs to knock them off.

Now that you know that nuts and in particular, pistachios are not good for your dog, make sure you keep them away from these. Having answered your question of can dogs eat pistachios, when going shopping, avoid taking pistachios as a snack for your dog as they will cause many stomach problems.

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  • Kim sylers says:

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  • Hannah says:

    Well then, your dog is just lucky that it hasn’t caused much damage yet.
    Clearly if you continue to give your dog things that he/she shouldn’t be having it will have more effect, say, as he/she gets older. Not everything is immediately apparent.

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  • Lori says:

    Your wording sounds more like a teenager, no offense meant, but according to the ASPCA they are not “toxic” but all nuts contain a high fat content that could cause stomach upset or problems with the pancreas. “Bottom line, your dog may eat an occasional nut”

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    • Meesh says:

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      • EllaCat says:

        As a vet nurse, I see on a daily basis how ‘well people care’ for their pet. High in fat foods lead to pancreatitis, which leads to death. People are ignorant to how obese their dog or cat really is. Bottom line is… Don’t feed your pet nuts!

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        • EllaCat says:

          Sorry that was meant to say, common sense tells you ‘Don’t feed your pet nuts’!

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    • Alyssa Ramos says:

      My pitbull pup got one by accident the shell was off will she be ok?

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  • T says:

    My dog died from pancreatitis–probably brought on by those foods I gave her anyway because just a little wouldn’t hurt and i knew she really loved it! I miss her… RIP Ippy Sue

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  • Emily Varona says:

    I love my dog almost like a child. I don’t want to do anything that is going to make my dog have to suffer in the least. That is the last thing I want to do. They need us to make the best decision for them, just like a child, because they can’t do that for themselves! If your not smart enough to know this then you probably should not have a dog!


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  • charles knapp says:

    i agree what i never understood is how people can say i love my pet he or she is like a child, and still stay ignorant to the fact that they are hurting there animal listen if it has been proven that it is harmful if there is fact to support that letting thim eat these things is bad for them then no to kim and everyone out there that thinks there dog is different your dog is not different a dog is a dog so care for it i know that with my kids if there is an allergy to something i wont let them touch it so if your dog is like your kid you sould do the same. so really treat it like your kid and put what you think aside and look at the facts.

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  • Sheila Skinner-Martens says:

    I am guilty of loving my dog Kandy too much. I gave her one pistachio nut as a treat. I will never do it again. She truly had a bad effect. She blow up in front of me like a balloon. Red boils developed and she started to itch like mad. I applied an antihistamine cream to her little belly. It stopped the inflammation. Fortunately, I’m a wanna be vet and a reader of everything concerning pet care. Whew! This was scary to watch.

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  • Laura says:

    My daughter just sent me a picture of a shredded bag that contained approx. 1 cup of pistachios which i’d forgotten to move out of the dog’s reach. Do I have to worry about this now? Does ‘upset stomach’ mean diarrhea in the near future? Help!

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  • Billy says:

    Is it okay if my dog has one to two? She seems fine at the moment but we will just have to wait and see

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  • Erika oland says:

    My dog acidentilly got pastatios and im scared could he die

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  • Sarah says:

    I agree that if you love your pet as much as a child then know what you are putting into their bodies. Maybe you as a person does not care about your own body and will eat whatever you like regardless how bad it is for you but it tastes oh! So yummy! That’s fine because you have control over yourself. Now for our babies who don’t know any better-don’t give them people food because they love the way it taste so much and it’s just so hard to not give her what she wants when she makes that face!!! :( I hate to sound cruel or groosom but how cute is that face going to be when she’s passed away just because you couldn’t not give her that cupcake or nut or whatever. Do what you want with ur own body but don’t destroy an animals health because if the tables were turned-our dogs or whatever animal would keep us away from harm and hurtful -eventually deadly things-including food.

    My mother kept sneaking Taco Bell and stuff to my dog and I caught her in the act one time and I said mother! Please stop. Mom said. It she loves it and she’s so cute!! I have to!!

    I had to be blunt and tell her she was killing my dog. And bless her ignorant heart she stopped. She felt so bad-I didn’t say it to make her feel bad but she needed to know the truth.

    It’s so disrespectful to sneak other peoples dogs food not only because it could harm them but we work hard training our babies to stay away from it and it destroys all our hard work on keeping them healthy and knowing better.

    Bottom line-treat ur dog the way he would treat you-cause they’ll give u the world-minus the bad stuff- ha

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  • Sarah says:

    For those who do have pets that beg…mine didn’t until my mom snuck her food-but to trick her because it is hard to say no to such a cute face…this is what I do…

    I got the mini beggin strip and when we order pizza…I out a dew of the strips on the corner of the pizza box and when I hand he one from the box she thinks she’s getting a piece of the toppings. She’s just as happy!’

    It’s cute. So try that if you can’t say no to them. ;)

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  • Tiredofpain says:

    What is with the lies and the fear-mongering in here? OMG, my dog licked a pistachio nut and blew up!

    If all nuts are “toxic” to all dogs, all of the time, then why does my dog trainer regularly give the pets she works with peanut butter? Perhaps the owner of my local pet store is secretly trying to murder people’s pets by selling peanut butter dog treats? Surely you aren’t suggesting that a single pistachio nut has more fat content than peanut butter?

    My dog got a hold of a pistachio nut the other day when one missed my mouth. She had no problem with it. Every now and then at the park or what not, she’ll get a hold of something I never even see. She is healthy, happy and beautiful. Stop trying to frighten people.

    Feeding your dog a diet that is high in nuts is probably a very bad idea but there isn’t any reason to worry if your dog gets a hold of a couple nuts.

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