Can Dogs Eat Peanuts ?

Ask any vet and he will tell you that peanuts should be added to Fido’s list of foods not to eat. This is not rocket science. The reason that your dog should not be fed on peanuts is that they are not digestible in the track of a dog. There are two possible outcomes from this venture. First is the fact that it results in the digestive tract of the canine being blocked. Constipation becomes the order of the day. The second reason is that the dog will defecate the nuts just as they went in – problem is that Fido will attempt to eat them again from his poop and this could potentially expose him to bacteria. Say no to peanuts.

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  • kim says:

    My dog is allowed peanuts, our vet told us it was okay as long as we didn’t give him hundreds of them. my dog has never given us a problem with them, not even trying to eat his poo, he thinks it’s “yucky” because we’ve told him that since adoption.

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  • Mike Olsen says:

    Peanuts are not digestible in the human gut either. If a human were to eat too many peanuts, they would also experience a blockage. So, by the argument I read against giving dogs peanuts, humans also should not eat peanuts.
    Nuts to you!

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  • Hildy says:

    Thank you Mike Olsen for your comment. Our Chihuahua ingested a snack that contains peanuts; we didn’t know it would harm him. He was first constipated and vomited and later he had diarrhea mixed with blood. We always watch what he eats and that was the only thing that could harm him. Our Vet’s office confirmed our fears and recommended giving him a light and bland diet like boiled chicken and rice. Hope this helps somebody out there.

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  • Shywan says:

    My blue nose pit Chloe eats the peanuts from my pay day when I’m snacking which is almost everyday and she has been fine been doing it for about a year. Before that she ate the regular human snack peanuts, human crunchy peanut butter and her own peanut butter…I never give her a lot and it seems she spends a little time chewing each one up lol maybe not for every dog especially small ones ,but my toy poodle will only eat smaller chunks but he will eat them as well… Everything isn’t for everyone…I’m just saying

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  • Daedra says:

    Where are you getting your information?? I’ve only ever read and been told peanut butter is fine for dogs. How is peanut butter ok but peanuts are not?

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