Can Dogs Eat Mushrooms ?

There are no problems with dogs eating Mushrooms. I remember one of the dogs that had lost appetite at a certain time and was extremely sick, almost died yet the dog would eat the mushrooms that helped the pull for some time as it was treated on the herbal remedy. If the dog had been taken to the vets, then the dog would have just died in no doubt. All things natural, dogs really love what people eat too, and it is healthier for them when compared with dog meat and foods all the time. Dogs feel ok to also enjoy cooking as dogs adore eating the same food that you eat.

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  • kyong vis says:

    I’m happy that someone else feels like I do about what dogs like and is good for them. out of all the dog foods, my dogs like my food than theirs from store, and they smell terrible to even think that is good for my dogs. I often cook for them, they like meats, and veges like green beans, carrots. lately, i seem to enjoy mushrooms, but they didn’t lilke them so i thought check it out if mushrooms could be poison to my dogs. Thanks for being there. KV

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  • DRB says:

    I think the 30,000 or 40,000 years since modern humans domesticated wolves, we have been sharing in the daily spoils. Dogs, like their ancestors, like to live in packs and as such also like to eat in packs, which is why they always want to eat with us. I have never believed that dogs need their own dog food as they have been bred to live off our food. Indeed, that was always the social pact between dogs and humans. You perform duties that I need, and I will share my food. Great blog you have!

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