Can Dogs Eat Mangos ?

Sure! Mango is definitely a safe fruit for dogs for eating. Remember however about the kernels of many fruits come with cyanide and that is toxic to dogs and for people. Make sure you clear away seeds from fruits when giving that for your pet that will be low risk. A lot of fruits can provide your dog a stomachache or possibly diarrhoea. Your canine gets diarrhoea after overeating fruits and also all of that sugar is absolutely harmful to your pet. He would be ok taking a bite or 2, not much more. Not in any great amounts, Give it to them as an occasional treat. It is fun to watch them eat it.

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  • Geordie says:

    My husky mix Spooner, and border collie Princess, love to eat mangoes, but my puggle Frankie won’t eat them at all. I once put some diced mango in with their kibble and Spooner and Princess acted as if it was Christmas, but Frankie picked out each piece and placed them next to her bowl, but ate all her kibble it was too funny.

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