Can dogs eat Celery ?

While we are on the subject of celery, it is important that we look at the advantages that come from imbibing this food. First, the food is a good source of fiber, and potassium. Secondly the food is a diuretic that richly stimulates the production of urine and can aide in the elimination of excess fluid from the system. The import of this is that kidney ,and urinary tract infections in canines become none existent. Lastly celery juice aides to ease the discomfort of arthritic infections among canines. The above facts are a definite approval of celery for consumption by your dog.

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  • Sallie Kerr says:

    Thank you for this information my puppy loved the celery. He is such a finicky eater. Yahoo I I another food to add to his diet. Jowls I wondrous if he can have carrots.. thanks

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  • Jolene Diana Davis says:

    Good dog loves celery too

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  • Casey Lim says:

    Thanks for the excellent information, now, I’ll try to give my dog celery more often. I just have 1 request. I will need to have a list of food that dogs can and can’t eat. Please try to make the list filled up with all the possible food that dogs can eat as I want to give my dog a wide variety of flavours for him to try. Thanks a lot. :) :)

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  • pandora says:

    I have an 11 year old west highland terrier. He just suffered his second seizure in the past 9 months. He may have suffered a slight stroke. it has been a slow healing process. Getting him to eat has been the largest challenge. I’ve eliminated grain and started making homemade soup/srew- beef carrots celery and potato only. the celery enhances the flavor so he enjoys small amounts of soup now. He wasn’t eating at all. Thanks for the advice

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