Can Dogs Eat Beans ?

Dogs eat a wide range of foods, which is why many dog owners are asking about the foods that their dogs can eat. Just like human beings, dogs need to have a balanced diet and this they can get by taking a variety of foods.

Beans are a good source of proteins and many people wonder whether it is right for dogs to eat them. Can dogs eat beans? Yes, dogs can eat beans. These do not pose any health complications to the dogs; in fact, they provide dogs with a different range of proteins that is different from that which they get from their meaty meals.

Not all beans are good for consumption by your dog. You need to keep your dog away from baked beans as well as coffee beans. Baked beans have tomato sauce, which is not good for your dog, while the coffee beans have caffeine, which can cause poisoning to your dog. These are harmful.

However, the green beans are best for your dogs. These have proteins, nutrients and minerals that are of good use to your dog. So, can dogs eat beans? Yes, but not all types of beans. You therefore need to give your dog some beans occasionally to allow them to get other nutrients.

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  • says:

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    posts. Time to squander numerous time on-line lol. Thanks -Irving

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  • snipez10 says:

    can dogs eat the beans that make people fart like black beans red beans pinto beans kiddney beans white beans after water boil of course ?

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  • coffee Bean green extract says:

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  • Cindy says:

    My husband has taken to feeding our 2 labs and mix of brown rice and cooked navy beans…I’m wondering is this healthy for them? We’ve been feeding this for quite a while…they still get a good dry dog food at night, but today one of my labs did end up vomiting his morning meal late in the afternoon.

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